Expert reports on wind – Verification

Our quality management system contains a permanent comparison of the predicted energy yields of projects we have evaluated to the real WEC's yields earned after realisation. Many operators have supported us by providing operational data of their wind farms. In some cases, positions or types of WECs differ from the status assumed for the prediction; this could be considered when the respective information was available. For some projects, we have to suppose that operational characteristics of the WECs considerably differ from the ones applied for the prediction.

About 10 years after begin of the study, we have reported about the results of our statistical evaluation during the 11th German wind energy conference DEWEK 2012. A description of the study can be downloaded in the extract from the conference proceedings.

Apart from a critical review of terms like ‘hit’, the study shows that the quality of the calculations has increased over the years. Additionally, the important role of the data base for the quality of the results was confirmed.

Verification of our calculations is continued. Results are permanently used by us to check and to improve our calculation methods. You can support our verification by providing operational data of your project to us – we handle this information confidential and let you know about results.